Best Foods That Reduce Cortisol Level Naturally | Reduce Cortisol Level

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Foods that reduce cortisol level: There are multiple methods available to reduce cortisol level one of those are foods, a research done by DR. Lin, suggests that there are some foods like Chocolate, Tea ,yogurt and many others which help the people to lower cortisol level of their body and other than this there are also some other proven ways to reduce cortisol level, which we are going to discuss in this article. 

FIrst of all we want to tell you ,what is cortisol? And what are its functions and effects in our body?

What is cortisol?

  We are explaining it in a very simple way, that Cortisol is secreted by adrenal gland and it is a hormone  which releases  when a person is stressed. That’s why it is also known as stress hormone.

Reduce cortisol level
Reduce cortisol level

What is the Function of cortisol hormone?

1. It controls our blood sugar level

2. It helps in utilizing carbohydrates, fats and proteins

   which we intake in the form of food.

3. It also controls the blood pressure of the body.

These are the main functions of cortisol hormone.

Now before knowing about those those foods through which you can reduce your cortisol level , you should know about those foods which raise the cortisol level

so the foods are given below:

What foods raise cortisol levels | Foods that increase cortisol:

1. Food high in sugar:

Regular intake of high added sugar can increase the cortisol level in your body during any stressful situation. so you should avoid those foods , snacks and junk food which contains high sugar. Examples are candy, cakes, cookies , sweet rolls , dairy desserts etc.

2. Junk food:

In today’s life everyone starts eating junk food a lot and it badly affects our body. It contains Trans fat and there is evidence available which proves that trans fat is responsible for raise in cortisol level.

3. Fat-free yogurt:

yogurt containing probiotic bacteria are very helpful in decreasing cortisol level,but fat-free yogurts are basically junk food and in place of lowering cortisol it increases it, and it taste is also terrible because it’s natural fat is replace by sugar and artificial sweeteners just to increase it’s life more.

4. Alcohol:

everyone knows that high intake of alcohol is bad for our liver, but with this alcohol is also responsible for depressed mood and increases the sugar level in our blood. So if you are suffering from high cortisol levels then you should not drink alcohol.

5. Caffeine:

Excess of any thing is dangerous, Although Caffeine is used for stress relief and also caffeine helps in lowering cortisol level ,but if you take it multiple times in a day, mostly at night before bed then it can increase the cortisol in your body.     

Effects of High cortisol Level

1.It can cause high blood pressure

2.It can make u a patient of type 2 diabetes can cause infections in your body.

Symptoms of high cortisol level

1. your blood pressure will start increasing

2. problem of muscle weakness will start

3. you will start facing unwanted irritation 

4. your body weight will start increasing 

5. you will start decreasing your sex drive.

These are one of the major symptoms of high cortisol levels.

Effects  of low cortisol level

In this , the effects are totally opposite as compared to high cortisol levels.

1. In this your weight will start decreasing

2. The area of your face skin will start turning darker

3. the blood pressure of your body will start decreasing.

Most Effective ways to lower your cortisol level

 As i told you the reasons and the effects of cortisol level with their symptoms, so now we are going to tell you the natural ways to lower your cortisol level

1. Do not take stress

 First and most common solution to maintain your cortisol level is to keep your brain. If you do not take any stress and  maintain your brain health, Then the level of your cortisol hormone will always be balanced and you will not face any problem related with cortisol hormone.

2. Take a proper diet

If anyone wants a disease free life then a great diet plays a great role. So in this also there are some foods which will help in maintaining the cortisol level.

Foods that reduce cortisol level

1. Chocolate:

foods that reduce cortisol
foods that reduce cortisol

Researchers found that Chocolates helps in relaxing your mind , Specially the dark chocolate can help you in stabling cortisol level . If a person eats 40 gram of chocolate everyday for two weeks ,then the person can easily see it’s benefits in their body.

2. Bananas:

Bananas contains B-vitamins like folate and vitamin B6 which produces serotonin and it is responsible to reduce stress and improve your mood . And It also contains Potassium, magnesium and many other nutrients which helps a person to maintain a healthy life.

3. Tea:

 Especially the black and green tea is famous for reducing stress. There are almost 10 types of tea which are very much helpful in stress relieving .

4. yogurt:

Probiotic-rich yogurt helps people in relaxing their mood with the some other benefits , but should contain the natural fats in it, because these days there are a lot packaged yogurt available in market with the artificial sugar added in it Which are harmful for our body.

And in place of being one of those foods that reduce cortisol level it came in the category of those foods that increases cortisol hormone.

5. Foods containing soluble fibre

Fibre is one of the important nutrients which everyone should intake on a daily basis  in the form of food and vegetables like sprouts, avocados etc. It helps a person in stabling cortisol. That’s why it is also one of those foods that reduce cortisol.

6. Water:

It is not food but it is the most important need of our body to survive that’s why i am adding it in this ,If you face the problem of dehydration then water can help you in this situation. Drink water as much as you can.

3. Exercise

As you know that the imbalance of cortisol level occurs just because of stress , that’s why exercise can be one of the best options.

 Exercise helps people in being healthy so here also it helps the people in maintaining their stress level.

4. Proper Sleep

Sleeping is also necessary to make a person healthy, because  when you sleep your body starts healing itself, at night your stress level starts decreasing just because you do not take stress at that time.

That’s why, to keep your body healthy you should also take proper sleep.

5.Live in Pure Environment

IF your environment is pure  there are a lot of trees and you are not facing the issue of pollution then it will also help you in maintaining your good health.

And if you feel that you are facing any kind of stress then go near any tree and take some long breaths,it will definitely help you in lowering your stress level.

6. Good Relationships:

Love is an amazing feeling which can make you happy anytime, anywhere, And it can end all kinds of health issues. But if your relationship with your partner is not good then it can also be one of those reasons which can increase your cortisol level, because these kinds of feelings directly affect your brain.

7. Herbal Supplements to reduce cortisol:

There are multiple types of supplement to lower cortisol level

but among them the best are herbal supplements, which do not have any side effects and anyone can easily find them in your local market.

SO the herbal supplements which are with scientific evidence to prove that they reduce cortisol in the human body are given below.  

Supplements to reduce cortisol are:

1. Ashwagandha

2. Arctic Root

3. Bacopa

4. Ginkgo

5. Cordyceps

6. Fish oil

7. Phosphatidylserine

8. L-Theanine

9. Prebiotics

These herbal supplements will definitely help a person if he or she is suffering from intense stress, these supplements are totally research based and also some experiments were organised to test the effects of these supplements in the human body and the result was awesome  these supplements really helped those people who were suffering from cortisol level issue.


Q. Is green tea good for anxiety?

Ans. Yes, Green tea is mostly used to reduce anxiety and stress, because it contains L-Theanine amino acid which is helpful in reducing cortisol levels. A research was also organised in 2017 among college students and the result was ,those Students drinking green tea on a daily basis have less cortisol level in their blood.

Q. Can diet reduce cortisol?

Ans. Yes, As balance diet is too much necessary to live a healthy life, similarly it is also necessary to reduce cortisol level. Foods like bananas , yogurt and many are given In the above article , are the best foods that reduce cortisol level.

Q. Does coffee increase cortisol?

Ans. If you drink coffee in limit then it will not increase cortisol, but as everyone knows excess of anything is dangerous, if you drink coffee multiple time in a day on a daily basis then definitely it is going to increase your cortisol level.

Q. Does anxiety cause high cortisol?

Ans. Anxiety is mostly faced by adults, and yes as anxiety increases the stress in your brain that’s why the level of cortisol also increases.

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