How to Start A   Laundromat   Business


1.Create your   business plan or a   checklist to start a   laundromat business.

2. Name your Business,   so that you can scale   up your business and   create a band value.

3. Location of your   laundromat business     Should be near public   place to get more   customer.

4. You should have   license and permit to   run your laundromat   business.

 How Much Money   You Need To Start A   Laundromat Business

 The cost of single   laundromat machine is   near about $500-$700.

 How Much You Can Earn   From Laundromat Business?

 In United States People   Are Earning More Than   $1000 Per Month

 Learn How TO Start A   Laundromat Business   WIth NO Money