How To Start A Vacation Rental Business | VRBO Business Plan

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Ways to start a vacation rental business: You are here, it means you want to start a vacation rental business, But we want to suggest you one thing that before starting this business you should to understand this sector very carefully. You should know the merits and demerits of starting a rental business.

If you don’t know all this and want to gather all this information and also want a business plan to start a vacation rental business, then this article is for you. 

In this article we are going to discuss all the requirements to start a vacation rental business from basic to advanced.

how to start a vacation rental business
how to start a vacation rental business

What is vacation rental ? Vacation rental is a booming business idea where the owner of the house gives it on rent to others and earns money from it. 

People prefer this a lot because it provides more facilities than hotels ie, privacy, kitchen and many more.

How To Start a Vacation Rental Business? | Vacation Rental Business Plan

The Steps to starting a vacation rental business are as follows, you can follow these vacation rental startup checklist to start your journey.

If you had a question that how to start a vacation rental business then only one thing is required with you and that is the rental properties in the best location.

For this you can do two things which are:

1. Start Buying Properties: You should start buying properties to rent them later, and these properties should be at the best location so that you can get more customers at high profitable prices.

This requires some research to get the best property at a low price, and you should be able to manage all these properties safely. 

2. Start Handling The Properties Of Others: There are so many persons living around you who have more than one houses, and they want to rent their houses but they don’t have that much time to manage all 

these things, so you can search for people like this and ask them to manage their houses and also to rent them in partnership and with this you can also start up a vacation rental business. 

How much a Vacation Rental Business Earns | How much do VRBO owners make?

In 2020, the result of a survey on VRBO was, a short term rental business earns around $33,000/year. And as you all know that the population of countries are increasing day by day

So, it’s common that earning is also going to increase. It is one of the best option to start passive income and to start the vacation rental business, steps are given below:

How to run a vacation rental business?

There are several steps involved to scale a vacation rental business:

1. Location:

The most important thing for the success of your rental business is Location, the rental property near beach, city, market, park etc. can give you more money and if you want to buy property for your rental business then follow these criteria.

2. Research:

You should keep researching into the market where the people need the rental houses, places where people are travelling a lot, and should start investing in the properties of those places. You should follow the rule of Demand and Supply for the success of any business. 

3. Features:

You can grow your rental business, if you provide more features to the customers compared to others.

 Facilities you can provide to your customers are:

  1.   Well cleaned and decorated homes
  2.   Having more space for guests which is really going to satisfy your customers. 
  3.   WIFI connection.
  4.   Smart T.V., Washing Machine and more.
  5.   Space for pets.

There are more features which you can offer according to the demand or need of the customer.


You have to rent your houses at an affordable price by considering the facilities you are providing with the house. For this you have research in the market for the correct renting price of your house.

5. Digital marketing:

You should use an online medium to bring customers for your rental house. In this modern era digital platforms like facebook, instagram and many more are so much popular you can tell the audience about your rental homes with its features. And I am sure it is definitely going to boost your business. 

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6. Use Websites:

You can list up your rental properties on different websites to get customers, websites owner will charge some commission for it, but this is the best way to get your initial customer for your vacation rental business. Few best home rental sites are:

  1. Zillow Rental Manager
  2. Avail

New Tax Rules For vacation rental property business:

Tax rules for the residential home and the rental properties are totally different. If you bought a rental property to start a new income source,then you have to submit your rental income and expenses to the IRS. The rules are given below:  

1. Renting house for Short period of time(less than 14 days):

If you are Renting your house for 14 days or less in a year then you should not need to report the rental income on your tax return. Your rental house is going to be considered a personal residence. 

2. Renting your house for more than 14 days: 

If you are renting your house for more than 14 days then you have to submit your rental income report to the IRS with the expenses. And you can deduct your rental expenses during the payment of your rental tax.

How much money do you need to start a vacation rental business?

You can start your vacation rental business with just one house and it’s cost in united states is around $349,000 , so it is hard to tell how much money you need to start a vacation rental property business.It depends upon 

how big your vacation rental startup is. For this you can check out the cost of properties where you want to buy it and can calculate the average money requirement for you rental business. 

Tips for renting your vacation home:

1. Luxury: Make your house feel like a luxury hotel as much as you can, it will provide the regular customer for your house.

2. Fast Service: If your customer is facing any issue regarding home or needs any kind of help then your service should be faster than your competitors.

It will create the value of your house in the customer’s mind.


As your read the process of how to start a vacation rental property business?, it is not so different from other business models, and nowadays the scope of vacation rental business is booming

People want to go on vacation with their families but due to the corona these days people can’t go outside. But after the end of corona people will start their vacational trip,

That’s why it’s a great opportunity to establish your vacation rental business. And i hope that you got the answer of how to start a vacation rental business.

If you have any doubt regarding rental business, then you can comment below, we will definitely try to solve your queries. And if your friends also want to know about how to start a vacation rental business then please share it with your friends.

Is the vacation rental business profitable?

Yes, this is a evergreen business model to earn passive income, there are people who earns millions of money per month, but these days due to corona people are not coming out from their homes, that’s why this business is too much affected. But after the end of corona pandemic , the demand of rental houses will again increase.

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