How To Start An Estate Sale Business In 2023 | what is estate sale?

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How To Start An Estate Sale Business? Starting an Estate sale business Needs a lot of guidance by experienced estate liquidators, because this business requires a lot of knowledge and support to start. And as estate sale business is booming on a daily basis, It’s competition is also increasing.

So you need a perfect business plan ,which can help you in growing your estate sale firm in this competitive business. That’s why we had created a perfect estate sale business plan, by discussing with TOP 10 estate LIQUIDATORS, by following which anyone can easily start a profitable estate sale business.

In this article, we had provided the step by step guide to start a profitable and successful estate liquidation company.

Estate Sale Business Plan:

Business NameEstate Sale Business
Investment Required$2,000 – $15,000
Time To Build1-3 months
Trend Growing
Profit25%-50% (of total income)
Income$50k – $150k per year
Team Member1-2 (initially)
Business TypeLarge
estate sale business facts
How to start an estate sale business
How to start an estate sale business

What is estate sale?

Estate Sale Definition: An estate sale or tag sale or estate liquidation is a sale of all the belongings of an individual or family, just because the family don’t need it. This is also done, when the entire family is shifting from one location to another. The Items are like, furniture, electronics, artworks, and jewelry.

How does an estate sale work?

Now, How does an estate sale work? Estate sale is done in multiple steps which are:

  1. An estate sale organizer came and separates the items on the basis of categories and price them as per their condition, just few days before the sale.
  2. The estate sale liquidators now, calls the buyers in the house to buy the things as per their choice.
  3. This is the duty of an estate sale liquidator to manage the traffic of buyers and selling all the things.

Is This Business Right For You?

Before starting an estate sale business you should to know about all the aspects of this business, so that you can decide that starting an estate sale company is going to be the best business idea for you.

Pros and Cons Of Estate sales:

The advantages or pros of estate sale business are:

Estate sale BUSINESSPros
Flexibility: This can be started from home
Startup Cost:Low cost is required
Income PotentialVery high
Business ModelSimple
Pros of tag sale business

Disadvantages or Cons Of estate sale business

Estate sale BusinessCons
Security:Have Issues
Trust:Difficult To Build
BenefitsLack of benefits
Cons of tag sale business

How To start an estate sale Business?

Business Step to start an estate sale company, which contain information to make it successful, such as license, permits, how to get estate sales, and more

1. Research your Estate Sale Industry

Before Starting an estate sale business you should do the complete research about estate sale industry, by creating contact with estate sale industry experts. Things to know before becoming an estate sale liquidator are:
1. Estate Sale legal and financial Aspects.

2.Type of Estate Sale:
a. Tag sale
b. Auction estate sale
c. In person state sale
d. Consignment estate sale
e. Appraisal estate sale
f. Charity estate sale

3. About Your Competitors:
Some top Real Estate sale Companies in USA are:
a. Coldwell Banker
b. Redfin
c. Keller Williams Reality

2. Create Business Plan

Every business required a business plan, including estate sale business. To create a perfect business plan for your estate sale company, you have to cover all these things in your plan:

1. Target Market
2. Marketing strategies
3. Your Budget
4. Your next 5 year goal
5. Business Name
And also you can search for a business plan template online or can hire a business consultant, who can create this for you.

3. Register Estate sale company

Estate sale business registration is mandatory to get the required license and permits, but the business registration varies from state to state. So you have to do the following things:
1. Choose the location of business registration:
Location Of business registration is important because it affects the taxes, legal works, and income. Select the location from where you can manage the things easily and also the beneficial for you business.

2. Select the Business structure:
During business registration, you also have to choose a legal structure for your estate sale business, which will be responsible for your business taxes, and legal works. So you have to choose as per your comfort.
The main Legal Structures for business are:
1. Solo Proprietorship
2. LLC (limited liability company)
3. General Partnership
4. C corp
5. S corp

4 .Build Estate Inventory

In estate sale business you need a large inventory for the valuable items. So start making connections with industry experts, local real estate agents, auction houses to get the clients. And to get clients, you can also do estate marketing online and offline both. It will help you in getting your initial clients.

5. Marketing

To get customer or clients for your estate sale company, you need to do marketing perfectively, you can use various marketing methods such as:

Top business marketing methods are:
1. Create a website
2. Social Media Accounts:
3. Advertising in local newspapers
4. People Referring
To Promote your business you can also attend the business events to build network, which will definitely help you in your brand promotion.

6. Build a Team

Initially, you can handle all the works like marketing, handling clients, inventory management but, to Grow your estate sale business in a large scale, you have to do work a lot, So for that you have to build a teem or staff.

The important staff members you needed are:
1. Sales executive
2. General manager
3. Marketing lead

7. Estate sale Business license:

Do you need a license and permit to run an estate sale business? yes, starting an estate sale business requires some licenses and permits, but it varies from state to state. That’s why you should to assure it from your local government about the requirement to start an estate sale business.
A business license and a sales tax permits is mandatory to start an estate sale company.

8. Estate sale Business Insurance:

Before starting an estate sale business, it is recommended to have liability insurance, because it will help you in covering your losses during any damage or accidents in your sale business.
Here are some more insurances which you can buy for your business.
1. General liability Insurance
2. Business Property Insurance
3. Worker’s Compensation insurance
4. Professional Liability insurance

Estate sale mistakes:

Here are some common mistakes that the estate sale liquidators make are:

  1. Not researching properly about the items price.
  2. Not organizing and displaying the items.
  3. Managing sale on your own
  4. Not advertising properly
  5. Not managing finances
  6. Not handling the customers properly

Estate sale business income:

How much do estate sale companies make? The income of estate sale business is commission based mostly. An estate sale business charges between 20% to 50% of the total sales. So, if the total sale is $50,000 and an estate sale liquidator charges the average commission of 30% then their income will be $15,000.

How to start an estate sale business

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In conclusion, I hope you got the answer of your question “how to become an estate sale liquidator” or “how to start an estate sale business” and if you have any query regarding an estate sale business you can comment below, our team will definitely try to solve your issue.

How do estate sale companies make money?

The estate sale business makes money in three different ways which are:
1. By charging commission between 20% – 50% of total sales.
2. They also charges some additional fees for cleaning and organizing property.
3. Estate sale liquidators by the precious items from estate sale to resale it in more price.

How do I advertise an estate sale business?

There are multiple ways to advertise an estate sale business are:
1. Create a website
2. Social Media Accounts:
3. Advertising in local newspapers
4. People Referring

How do you host a successful estate sale?

To host a successful estate sale, you have to create a perfect plan for it , which should contain:
1. Determine the scope of sale
2. Proper Research and pricing the items
3. Advertising the sale
4. Setting up the sale properly
5. Using the estate listing websites.

How To Have A Estate Sale?

5 Best steps to have an awesome estate sale:
1. Determine the scope of sale
2. Proper Research and pricing the items
3. Advertising the sale
4. Setting up the sale properly
5. Using the estate listing websites.

How Much Does A Real Estate Agent Make per sale?

An average real estate agent make between $2,000 – $10,000 per sale if the price of total sale is in between of $10,000 – $50,000.
Because an estate sale business charges the commission of 20%-50% of total estate sale.

What Sells the most at Estate sales?

Vintage toys, Precious Jewelries and Antique Furnitures get sold out the most at estate sales.

What is estate sale organizer salary?

The average salary of an estate sale organizer is between $70,000 to $120,000 per year.


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