Highest Hvac Salary By State In USA 2023 | How Much Do Hvac Owners Make

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Starting Hvac Technician Salary by state in USA for apprentice and experienced technicians are given in this article and through this you will also find out the average salary for hvac technician in your state.

Who are Hvac Technicians?

Hvac technicians are those people, who are fully skilled for installing , maintaining and repairing heating and cooling systems of residential and commercial buildings. And with time there is massive increase in the demand of qualified hvac technician with the different salary range as per the experience.

The hvac technician salary varies based on various factors, such as their experience, location and education. In this article we are going to provide you a complete overview of hvac technician salary and also discuss the factors which can help in increasing the technician salary with this we will provide an outlook of opportunities and career growth for hvac technicians.

what is the average hvac technician salary:

Average hvac salary: The average hvac technician salary in the united states as of 2023 is between $50,000 and $53,000 per year. 

 Hvac Technician salary
Hvac Technician salary

Hvac technician salary overview:

As per the bureau of labor statistics, the average salary of hvac technicians was $51,420 as of May 2022.The lowest 5 percent earned less than $30,000 and the highest 5 percent earned more than $78,000

the salary of hvac technicians depend upon various factors, few of them are location and experience. technicians having experience of less than one year gets the lowest salary, while the people having experience of more than 10 years get the highest salary

Hvac technician annual salary:

Hvac technician salary 2014      $44,600

Hvac technician salary 2015      $45,000

Hvac technician salary 2016      $45,800

Hvac technician salary 2017      $47,090

Hvac technician salary 2018      $48,200

Hvac technician salary 2019      $49,000

Hvac technician salary 2020      $49,300

Hvac technician salary 2021      $49.900

Hvac technician salary 2022      $50,500

Hvac technician salary 2023      $51,600 

Hvac tech starting salary:

For those hvac technician salary who are new and want to start their career in this sector, for them the hvac tech stating salary is Between $30,000 and $40,000 as per the skill and year of experience.

what state pays hvac techs the most:

S.NO.StateAverage salary (Per hour) Average salary (per year)
1.Alabama$23.83$44,700 – $54,000
2.Alaska$37.20$52,300 – $63,200
3.Arizona$29.74$46,300 – $57,300
4.Arkansas$23.45$42,000 – $50,100
5.California$28.78$53,000 – $64,000
6.Colorado$27.42$47,300 – $57,000
7.Connecticut$30.63$51,600 – $62,200
8.Delaware$29.34$47,000 – $57,000
9.Florida$23.85$45,300 – $53,200
10.Georgia$24.89$45,900 – $54,300
11. Hawaii$27.10$49,600 – $51,800
12.Idaho$25.74$42.900 – $51,200
13. Illinois$27.60$47,200 – $57,200
14.Indiana$25.56$45,700 – $56,300
15. Lowa$27.68$44,900 – $54,100
16.kansas$24.86$47,100 – $56,700
17.Kentucky$25.68$46,900 – $56,500
18.Louisiana$23.65$45,300 – $54,600
19.Maine $27.87$48,500 – $58,400
20.Maryland$28.51$48,300 – $59,400
21.Massachusetts$31.21$51,000 – $65,300
22.Michigan$25.15$44,900 – $57,400
23.Minnesota$28.65$48,600 – $59,900
24.Mississippi$22.22$42,900 – $51,700
25.Missouri$24.91$45,900 – $55,200
26.Montana$27.75$43,000 – $52,000
27.Nebraska$26.14$45,800 – $55,200
28.Nevada$26.28$46,000 – $56,600
29.New Hampshire$31.42$48,700 – $58,700
30.New Jersey$28.45$50,300 – $^0,500
31. New Mexico$25.26$44,400 – $53,600
32.New York$30.59$48,500 – $63,200
33.North Carolina$23.78$45,600 – $53,300
34.North Dakota$28.06$43,900 – $53,000
35.Ohio$25.30$45,800 – $55,300
36.Oklahoma$22.12$44,400 – $53,400
37.Oregon$30.60$48,800 – $58,900
38.Pennsylvania$26.23$45,800 – $56,900
39.Rhode Island$30.28$48,600 – $58,500
40.South Carolina$24.69$45,100 – $54,300
41.South Dakota$27.51$44,300 – $53,400
42.Tennessee$24.49$44,900 – $57,100
43.Texas$24.50$45,700 – $54,200
44.Utah$28.00$45,500 – $54,900
45.Vermont$23.85$45,800 – $55,200
46.Virginia$25.87$46,100 – $55,200
47. Washington$33.73$50,600 – $61,200
48.West Virginia$23.24$42,600 – $51,400
49.Wisconsin$27.12$45,200 – $56,900
50.Wyoming$27.15$43,000 – $52,200

How much do hvac techs make in 2023?

On average an hvac technician earns in between $45,600 and $70,800 per year. it can varies from their experiences and the state where they are working.

What affects Hvac salaries?

Experience is the major factor which affects the hvac salary. You can increase your hvac salary by increasing your experience in this field. And you can also check that the Hvac apprentice salaries are nearly half of the experienced technicians, So you can understand the importance of experience in hvac technician.

And If i talk about the hvac technician salaries on the basis of experience then:-

0-5 years of experience – People having the experience around 0-5 years earns around $25 per hour or $47,000 per year 

6-10 years of experience – And people having more than 5 year of experience earns more than $28 per hour or $58,000 per year 

10+ years of experience – The average salary for the people having experience of more than 10 year is around $35 per hour or $70,000 per year

These average salary for hvac technician can vary as per the state of working.

Hvac technician apprentice salary in 2023:

The New hvac apprentice can earn about $12-$18 as per the skill and knowledge, while the average salary for the apprentice ranges from $14-$15 and the professionals earns more than $18 as an hvac technician apprentice.

Hvac technician Owner salary:-

The salary of hvac owners varies with state but the average salary is between $37,000 and $78,000 in 2023. There are some more hvac owners who earns more than $100,000 just because of their experience and skill set. So you can also improve your skill to get more hvac technician salary.

Hvac Technician Supervisor salary:-

The average salary for hvac technician supervisor salary is between $70,000 and $92,155 in united states as of March 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

What Hvac Job Pays The Most?

High paying hvac jobs are:-
1. Hvac engineer :- The average salary as an hvac engineer in the US is around $90,000 per year.
2. Hvac Project manager :- The average salary as an hvac project engineer is around $95,000 per year.
3. Hvac sales manager :- An hvac sales manager in US earns around $80,000 per year.
4. Hvac Operation Manager :- The average salary for an hvac operation manager in united states is around $90,000 per year.

How long does it take to become hvac technician

To become a certified hvac technician you need only 9-10 months. Where 2 months is for associate degree and other is for apprenticeships.

Is hvac a good career

Yes, Hvac is good career for next 20 years, because this sector is booming with 15% yearly growth, And the diversity in this job makes it more attractive.

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