How To Start A House Cleaning Business From Scratch 2022

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Starting a house cleaning business from scratch: If you want to know how to start a house cleaning business with a checklist, and you love to keep your house clean and want to convert it as your business, then you are going to love this house cleaning business.

After corona everyone got to know the importance of cleanliness and they started to keep their home clean more than before. And this increases the demand of the house cleaning business.

how to start a house cleaning business
House cleaning Business

People need help in cleaning their homes and offices, so you can provide the home cleaning services to them like, cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, pest control and many more. cleaning business is always in demand because most of the people hire others for cleaning works. So this is the best time to start a cleaning business.

Generally, cleaning business is divided into categories, commercial and residential. You can start anyone according to your choice and demand in your targeted place.
We are going to provide a checklist to starting a cleaning business from scratch, anyone can follow these steps to start their journey of house cleaning business.

How to start a house cleaning business:

The Difficulty in starting a cleaning business is very low, you can start this with little money and can do it anytime according to your choice. A complete strategy or checklist on how to start a House cleaning business is as follows:


Any work or business requires a plan to start and getting success on that, you will not achieve your targeted goal without having a great plan. You have to create a complete strategy of your cleaning business, like what the services you are going to provide,
your targeted audience, how much to charge for your cleaning services and many more.

You also should clear your sector whether you are going to commercialize your business or you will open it in residential spaces, and after deciding this you have to create your business plan accordingly.

After this you have to do your market research, who are your targeted audience and what are their needs. You have to get the answer to all these questions, because these answers are going to speed up your growth in business.

Niche Selection:

As you are entering into a cleaning business and choosing the house cleaning business but, there are more cleaning business ideas available in cleaning services like window cleaning, pressure washing and many others you can choose according to your choice.


The only one thing which plays a great role in converting a small business into large in branding. And for a strong branding you have to think of an attractive name for your housekeeping business. After selecting your business name, you have to make it registered.

And for social media marketing you have to create facebook, Instagram, linkedin, twitter pages on your registered business name, so that you can also reach the audience from social media.


Every business requires a license so, after registration you also have to get the license required to run your business from the government authorities.

Do you need a license to start a cleaning business: Yes, as other businesses required some licenses to run their business similarly, house cleaning business also required
two licenses to run.

What licenses are needed to start a cleaning business? Two important licenses are needed One is vendor’s license and second is DBA license. If you really want to grow your business to large scale then these two license are very important.


In 2022, every cleaning businesses required a business insurance, because in today’s world most of the accidents takes place in home appliances. And if the accident takes place in your business then insurance will help in covering your losses.


you have done all your legal works and started a house cleaning business, now how the people will get to know about your house cleaning business , for this you have to start doing marketing for your business and let the others know about your services. you have to do offline and online marketing both to reach the audience faster.

To provide the online facility you have to create a website, where the people can come and choose the services they want and can do the online booking. you also should provide the reviews of your cleaning services, which will help in building trust among people.

Cleaning Equipment:

The things needed to start a cleaning business are:

  1. Buckets
  2. Bucket soaps
  3. Rags
  4. Vacuum cleaners
  5. Brooms
  6. Hand Soaps
  7. Mops

And you can add some more equipment if required.


How much to charge in the cleaning business: The average cost of house cleaning is $100 to $150. You can also charge hourly for your cleaning services which is near about $25 to $40.

You can also charge on the basis of family size like single family or combined family.
Prices for cleaning services also vary from place to place, So you can analyze the price of cleaning services from your competitors. And later you can change the price according to your demand in the market.

Money Required:

How much do i need to start a cleaning business: The Initial money required to start a house cleaning business is near about $2000 to $6000, whose major part depends upon only two things 1. Equipment 2. labor cost .

If you are starting a cleaning business with no money then To decrease the initial cost of house cleaning business you can buy the used equipment like vacuum cleaner and can start with less number of helpers or laborers. These few things are really going to decrease your initial cost.


How to start a cleaning business for money?

Steps to start a cleaning business for money are:
1. Select the niche of your cleaning business like house cleaning, window cleaning, dry cleaning and many others.
2. Gain expertise on your niche
3. In the beginning Start doing your cleaning work in less price to gain the customer trust.
4. Create your brand value with the help of social media marketing.
Now, If your service is liked b people then, you are going to get a lot of customers.
And so, with this you will be able to get a lot money from your cleaning business.

How to get clients for a cleaning business?

The steps to get clients for a cleaning business are:
1. Customer Referrals.
2. Offers (provided in your services)
3. Branding
4. Marketing
5. Customer satisfaction

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