ERCOT Appeals for Energy Conservation as Record Heat Tests Texas Grid

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Record-breaking high temperatures swept across North Texas on Thursday, prompting ERCOT to call upon Texans to adopt energy-efficient practices.

The Texas power grid operator issued a plea for conservation from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. on August 24, with the assurance that operations would return to normal thereafter.

ercort news
ercort news

ERCOT attributed the grid’s strained conditions to scorching temperatures, heightened electricity demand, and wind generation levels lower than the usual average.

CEO of ERCOT, Pablo Vegas, mentioned that while wind generation is anticipated to show improvement compared to recent lows, it is projected to peak at around 6,000 watts. This figure falls below the typical observations during the challenging days of this summer season.

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ERCOT reported that the constrained grid situation on Thursday resulted from elevated temperatures, increased electricity demand, and wind generation below the usual levels.

CEO of ERCOT, Pablo Vegas, noted that the projected “[wind generation] won’t drop as significantly as in previous instances, reaching around 6 thousand watts. This remains below our historical benchmarks during the challenging days of this summer.”

It’s important to clarify that the conservation request doesn’t signify an immediate grid emergency. ERCOT’s forecast pointed to a “heightened likelihood of transitioning into emergency operations later tonight.”

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